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Susan McVea

How to Overcome Sales Rejection

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Inevitabely, every business owners begins to wonder, “Why am I constantly hearing objections in my sales conversation?”

I know how frustrating it can be hearing things like, “I can't afford it” or “I need time to think about it”, especially when you thought things were going so perfectly.

Now why in the heck does this happen?

Number one: Talking to unqualified leads.

Often times when I identify red flags in a client’s sales process, it's because they haven't tightened up their qualification process.

What do I mean by this?

If you have a way to prescreen potential clients it's going to make it easier for you to understand their motivations

When you're able to understand their urgency, timeline, budget constraints, and the other people that might be influencing their buying decision, it makes easier to avoid those dreaded sales objections.

Number two: Asking the wrong questions

There is a step-by-step methodology that will eliminate 99% of the objections that you may be coming across. Typically this happens in asking the right questions and in the right order.

It allows you to pre identify problems and gives you the chance to those objections right off the bat. Essentially you catch them in their own little white lies.

If you're asking the wrong questions then you won’t get the information that will allow you to identify those objections before they get voiced, which is really the most frustrating thing.

Number three: You are not identifying the correct needs.

If you already identified the right clients and opened up with your questions and are still running into problems, then it comes down to if you’re actually identifying the correct means behind your customers’ problems.

Oftentimes what I find from my clients is that they identify only the surface level problem. And while that maybe good, it's actually not the best way.It allows room for objections to come up.

If you don't identify the deeper need, you will never hear yes consistently. You will get clients who do not do the work that's required. Your results will be mediocre and you will become frustrated. So while you may still get the occasional yes, it will come at a big cost to you.

You actually need to take the time to understand why that problem is so important to your ideal clients. And when you do that, it actually doesn't matter how much they need to pay, how much time they need to have, and who else needs to be involved while those are still important.

I hope this was super helpful for you in identifying the three biggest reasons why you're hearing objections on your sales conversations, and showed you what you can do in order to combat those problems. If you’d like a more in-depth explanation on why these questions work and how to ask them, check out my Youtube video.

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